10 Fond “Foodie About Town” Moments So Far

I’ve been trying to put up a few posts of things I’ve done in the past four months that fit my “Watta on the go” theme. Every time I log in to do that, I just get bloody overwhelmed and decide to instead get some take out, pop out some wine and watch Narcos. This morning while I was sitting somewhat pathetically on my bedroom floor in the Sukhusana yoga position under the guise of meditating (but really just thinking of that Thai Chicken Noodle Salad I was going to order for lunch) it dawned on me that I could just pick 10 of my favourite ‘foodie about town’ moments and condense those into one post! Brilliant, right? Yeah, I’m patting myself on the back for that one. I literally just patted myself on the back, and then one of my friends passed by and asked me why I was scratching my back like an idle hobo. Yeah, I don’t think that even makes sense, Mame! Anyway, in no particular order, here goes:

1. EatOut hosted several bloggers to a Spanish wine education shindig at Salt Bar and Grill. During the day, and often during the night, I work for EatOut. Lots of wine and good company…these are a few of my favourite things *insert sing-song Julie Andrews as Maria voice here*Salt Bar and Grill NairobiKenyan bloggers

2. Another blogout. We headed out for lunch at Asmara Restaurant. I had the zilzil tibsi and anjera, and we also got various pizzas for the table. Their menu is both Eritrean and Italian. Cool ambiance, Asmara!

Asmara restaurant Nairobi


3. On this day, a lot of roasted meat and dawa cocktails were had. The dawa is fashioned after the Brazillian Caipirinha, and is so called because it is potent enough to cure whatever ails you! We also had some eland balls. You can imagine the puns that went round the table!

Carnivore estaurant Nairobi

Carnivore restaurant Nairobi menu

4. Berries and Barrels at Yaya Center is one of my favourite spots for wine. It’s like, “Excuse me, how much is the rent for this fantastic apartment?” “Sorry miss, this is a wine and liquor store”.

Berries and barrels Nairobi

Michelle Slater Kenya

5. Taste Awards 2015. The event was filled with lots of fashionable foodies!


6. The Wine Shop happens to be another of my favourite wine spots, and I find it particularly perfect for quiet and fabulous girls evening outs.


7. This was my first ever Koroga Festival. The main act was Oliver Mtukudzi, and I must say his only song that I could vaguely remember was “Todii”. My second Koroga was headlined by South African band Mi casa and it was even more awesome…but I couldn’t find the pictures! Come to think of it, I can’t find pictures from UP Live 4- Off the Rails either- and it was simply OFF.THE.RAILS!

Susan Wong Koroga festival nairobi koroga festival kenya

8. Caramel Restaurant and Lounge for the Chivas Regal Made for Gentlemen unveiling. Fun crowd.

Chivas MadeForGentlemen (140)

Chivas MadeForGentlemen (170)

9. “I bet Doxis Bekris would charm the pants off Donal Trump”. Interviewed him for EatOut and Msafiri during a cook off to determine the Taste Chef of the Year- and he won. Definitely one of the coolest chefs I’ve ever met.

Chef Doxis Bekris

10. Yeah, more wine. This time, at DusitD2 Hotel. Septum ring…umm…I was going through a phase *shrugs*

Wendy Watta

DusitD2 Hotel Nairobi Wendy Watta

Wait, that was 10? Man, wish I could go on and on! Check out my Instagram (@Afrowatta) for more, will ya?

10 Fond “Foodie About Town” Moments So Far

Sushi class at kempinski

10 Fond “Foodie About Town” Moments So Far

An Epic Day at Brown’s Cheese Farm

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