10 things to know before going surfing for the first time

  1. If you’re going to keep screaming the surfboard line off Beyonce’s Drunk in Love at the beach, just make sure you know what it actually means.
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  2. No. This is not Point Break. Don’t think you’ll just get one or two pointers after which you’ll be out riding a huge wave and doing the haka while balancing a bottle of beer on your head. It takes time. In fact, before even attempting to kite surf, you need to have a proper lesson lasting several hours, and a few more for you to get in the groove.Diani, Kenya- Travel Photography-0455
  3. You should probably stick to your yoga class or be consistent with planks since surfing requires a strong core for balance. If you’ve been lifting weights, paddling for longer lengths of time should be a breeze. Anyone can do it, really, but yogis tend to pick up surfing a lot faster.Diani, Kenya- Travel Photography-0558
  4. You’re going to fall so many times, and that’s either going to make you frustrated resulting in you giving up, or motivate you to keep going. If you stick with the latter, when you finally ride a wave, no matter how tiny it is, it will be like you literally just bought your first house after grinding for years. Okay, maybe not, but you get my drift.
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  5. Sister girl, if you’re a water loving mermaid like me, it helps if your hair is braided. You know how it is. Sigh. And better have a shampoo and dryer waiting for you back at your hotel room. Diani, Kenya- Travel Photography-0343
  6. Size matters: the longer the board, the better for balance. 8-4-4 system high school physics, really.
  7. “Dude-bro, yeah bro, duuuuuuude!” It is perfectly acceptable to repeat variations of this phrase all day, because you’ve watched Hollywood movies and have an image of a stereotypical surfer dude etched in your brain. Diani, Kenya- Travel Photography-0509
  8. Eat breakfast. You’ll get really hungry. And please slather on the sunscreen, no matter how dark skinned you are, because you’ll be in the sun for a few hours and…ah, I don’t need to remind y’all.
  9. It’s gonna be so much fun, you’ll want to do it over and over again. PS: Doesn’t my life jacket look like one of those baby harness thingies? Sigh.Diani, Kenya- Travel Photography-0513
  10. If all else fails, go kayaking. Or go ride one of the camels in Diani Beach instead. Diani, Kenya- Travel Photography-0476Diani, Kenya- Travel Photography-0405

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10 things to know before going surfing for the first time

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10 things to know before going surfing for the first time

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