12 Fun Hours In Kisumu

I’m generally out and about so much that by the end of the week, all I ever wanna do is stay indoors and ‘hibernate’. Like, ‘tell Sarah from next door that I can’t make it to her one year old’s birthday party because I’m out of town and I know she’ll never know I lied because I’m not planning on leaving the house” type hibernate. Okay, to be honest, it’s more like a “buy a bunch of junk food, fish out some wine and just be a couch potato” type hibernate. Netflix and chill, you know?

Thing is, I don’t remember the last time my weekends actually went as planned. There’s always something fun to do, some new place to check out, interesting people to meet- and being the walking mass of contradictions that I am, I am always ready to head out. Chalk it up to FOMO (Fear of missing out).

Where am I going with this? Well, I had spent my evening picking out the perfect bottle of Chardonnay from The Wine Shop, getting my favourite Bdello tortillas from Uchumi and dashing home to make some guac before settling down to stream Narcos. All the markings of a perfect evening, if you ask me. Ten minutes into the first episode, I get a call from my cousin telling me she’s driving down to Kisumu in the next hour and asking if I’d like to go. Let’s just say that 40 minutes later, she’s picking me up from my door. Darn FOMO!

With only 12 hours to kill, we start our Saturday by driving around the town. I love the watta and therefore suggest that all our activities be somewhere along the lake. What’s more, we decide to be cliche and have some fresh fish that might as well have jumped right from the lake into the frying pan.  Lunch at Clarice Guest House hits just the spot. The outdoor seating area is pretty cool too!


Without much of a plan, we set off for Dunga. We pass the Impala Park Sanctuary but do not go in. I would suggest you add it to your itinerary should you have more time- I hear they have an Eco lodge with a floating restaurant. Our first stop is Dunga hill camp. There is a restaurant from which Benga music is being blasted, a huge jumping castle for kids and boat rides for the curious.



We then set off for La pearl breeze point, a new establishment that’s built right by the lake. There’s currently a wall separating the shore from the restaurant, and the owner explains that this is because the waves used to sometimes get so strong the water would come right up to the tables. At this point, it gets dark and even starts to rain; you know how Kenyan weather can be. Somewhat drenched and tired, we head back to our residence.

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By about 6:00pm, it is suddenly sunny again. This Kenyan weather jor! We freshen up before driving back to Dunga to spend the rest of our evening at Kiboko Bay Resort. If ever you’re in Kisumu, you just HAVE to swing by this spot! My cousin of course refuses to go for a boat ride because it is pretty cold and there is still a light drizzle. Me? I’m even ready to jump in and swim with the hippos!




The boat ride is pretty calming. Just me and Onyango (I was going to say “the driver”, but that’s obviously not right. Neither is “the sailor”. “The rower?” *chuckles. Let’s just settle for “the person steering the boat”). We spot a bunch of birds and Onyango tells me their names and interesting facts about them. I don’t remember any of that, however, because I don’t give a shit about birds. But if you’re into that kind of thing, carry your binoculars and knock yourself out! (Well, not so hard that you fall into the lake).



We also spot a bunch of hippos, which Onyango calls out to by hitting a stick against the side of the boat. They, in response, bob up out of the water and inch closer towards us. Pretty scary, I must say. Below is the Kisumu Yacht Club which we were not allowed to go into because we were not members. Puh-leeez!


I am not really famished at this point but since I just really love food, we decide to eat. It starts to rain once again, so pretty much the next hour is all food, wine and great conversation. Soon it will be time to pack up and head back to the capital.



12 Fun Hours In Kisumu

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12 Fun Hours In Kisumu

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