Body confidence at Sarova Whitesands

I love the watta! *smiles sheepishly* Seriously though, there’s just a certain je ne sais quoi about the beach that just makes it one of my favourite places to be. Perhaps this stems from having floated around in amniotic fluid for 9 months since getting fertilized. Okay, I’m no sure where I was going with that…

There’s also something about packing for the beach that instantly reminds one that you don’t exactly look like Margot Robbie in that bikini scene in that 2015 movie with Will Smith. Umm……..okay, I lost my train of thought after saying Will Smith. And Margot Robbie *smiles sheepishly* (Yes, again!)

While sipping Sex on the beach cocktails (I was pretty pleased with how befitting my choice was, need I say) at Whitesands’ Coco Beach Bar and watching various people milling about in swim suits, I was drawn into a conversation by a group of ladies at the next table. It was mostly just an observation about how the men generally seemed to be prancing around nonchalantly, irregardless of how evidently out-of-shape they were. The same wasn’t exactly true for all women.

Thinking about it now, I feel like there should be a balance between loving your body in itsΒ current state and deciding to be healthier and get in better shape. And while I immensely love going to the beach and frolicking in the sand, I also hate the fact that it FORCES you to look critically in the mirror and make mental notes to try harder in the New Year. But then, only loving your body when it is perfectly fit is like only loving your child when they are perfectly behaved, no?

Bottom line is… wait, I just remembered the name of that 2015 Will Smith movie with Margot Robbie in that bikini scene. It’s called Focus, and I do realize how ironic that is given how scatterbrained I am right now. Will Smith would probably write ‘SMH’ in the comment section after reading this. Does Will Smith even use Social Media abbreviations? I’ve also just lost my train of thought (yes, again) after saying Will Smith…

Here’s my December 2015 photo diary from Whitesands:

Sarova Whitesands-2465

Sarova Whitesands Christmas Carnival-2212-2

Sarova Whitesands-2059 (1)

I caught a bloody fish at first try! *curtsies to y’alls standing ovation. Haha*

Sarova Whitesands Christmas Carnival-2093Sarova Whitesands- Travel Photography-2006 (1) Sarova Whitesands- Travel Photography-1922Β Sarova Whitesands-2143 Sarova Whitesands-2188-2More info about Whitesands here

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Photos by the very talented Jacquie Mwai. Connect with her on Facebook (here) and Instagram (here)

Body confidence at Sarova Whitesands

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Body confidence at Sarova Whitesands

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  1. Jenny

    Stunning shots girl. And I TOTALLY enjoyed today’s post. Not sure you intended for it to be funny or serious, but Hahahahaha! *breath*

    1. Wendy Watta

      Oh, I was afraid guys might think I was retarded after that statement. Finding it hilarious is definitely much better feedback. Haha!

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